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Our Services

Step 1. Attract :: Appealing web design

An appealing web design is all but a first step in making your business successful online.

  1. Web site design: appealing and uncluttered
  2. Unique customized web design:
    • Design Logos and Business Cards for your Company
    • Photo restoration
    • Image editing in Photoshop
  3. E-commerce
  4. Web hosting and domain site management:
    • Set up your domain: Web hosting:
    • Set up Email accounts:
    • Maintain your Website
  5. Web development and Database design:
    • Build a new Customized Website: Web site design is more than graphics, fonts and colors. We can help you build a high-quality, well-structured Website, customized to your needs. We create each Website from scratch and completely customize it for your business.
    • Upgrade an existing Website to run more efficiently, be more dynamic, to conform with W3C and Section 508 standards, and generally achieve more.

Step 2. Get found :: Search Engine Optimization

Just as a brick-and-mortar store needs to have an excellent location to attract customers, your website needs to get found by your target market. We employ different techniques to bring your website to the top of the search engine results.

  1. Keyword management in title tags, meta-tags, description tags, alt tags, hypertext links, file names, body text, headers, etc.
  2. Use of modifiers (e.g. geographic modifiers) optimized for your target audience
  3. Optimization for search localization
  4. Monitor ranking
  5. Effective use of robots.txt file and creation of sitemap.xml
  6. We hand-code your Website to validate with the latest programming and accessibility standards. Some examples include:
    • Meta tags (title, keyword, descriptions, etc.)
    • Alternate text added to images
    • Improving the structure of your URLs
    • Optimizing the use of images

Step 3. Promote :: Internet marketing strategy (e-marketing)

Now that you have a website and your target market finds your website, you need to make sure they visit repeatedly and stick around on your website. The longer someone spends time on your website and the more frequent a potential customer visits the more likely you are to convert the site traffic into sales.

  1. Web elements that promote repeat business
  2. Custom designed loyalty programs
  3. Viral marketing techniques:
    • Register your Website with Major Search engines
    • Add your company to online Local Business Listings (e.g. Yellow Pages and Google Local Business Center)
    • Effective use of online advertisements (e.g. Google AdWords)
  4. Permission marketing
  5. Content management
  6. Pay-Per-Click strategies

Step 4. Analyze, Optimize and Grow

We use Google Analytics tool to measure your website traffic and suggest ways to get more visitors to your website and grow your business. So how do you get more visitors? Again, back to step 2, as a start you have to optimize your website for better rankings in major search engines.

  1. Web analytics
  2. Optimization of Promotion strategies and web traffic flow
  3. Measure your growth
Do you have a Website that looks outdated? Let us give your Website a new look while retaining its functionality and purpose. It´s a great investment to keep your Website appealing and interesting.